Emil Nguy

Chairman, CIO & CEO

Emil Nguy, Chairman, CEO and CIO of Income Partners, founded the firm in 1993. Emil draws upon his vast expertise and experience, with over 30 years in investment management, focusing his energies on new asset allocation across various strategies and macro risk management. He has experience through many cycles in fixed income, structured finance, special/distressed and private credit investments. Emil has also been involved in several large distressed debt workouts in Asia.

Prior to founding Income Partners, Emil worked for Indosuez Asia Investment Management, where it proved that Emil is particularly adept at navigating successfully through periods of economic uncertainty in order to protect client capital. He is renowned in the industry for his ability to interpret market signals and analyze economic data to position investments for outperformance.

From the outset of Income Partners, Emil has always stayed true to the initial vision that the company was founded upon – to be independent and to serve our clients with no conflict of interest. This client-centric approach to business has enabled him to develop and maintain an exceptional track record of achieving long-term results for his clients across various asset classes.

Emil earned an MBA degree, a Master of Science in Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Civil Engineering all from McGill University, Canada.




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