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Notice: Beware of Impersonation and Unauthorized Investment Advice through WhatsApp and other social media groups

24 Nov 2023

Income Partners Asset Management (HK) Limited (“Income Partners”) has become aware of bogus social media groups and WhatsApp private groups intended to impersonate our Co-CIO & Senior Portfolio Manager James Hu (胡星), falsely claiming to be related to Income Partners and provided investment advice on these platforms.

We would like to clarify that these individuals, groups, and websites are not associated with Income Partners in any way. We do not endorse or provide any investment advice through WhatsApp chats or groups. James Hu also refutes any connection to these individuals, groups, and websites.

Specifically, we have been made aware of the following impersonation attempts, please stay alert on the authenticity and reliability of these individuals or groups, as they are not authorized to provide such advice on behalf of Income Partners.

  • WhatsApp chats: Individuals are impersonated as “James Hu” using name such as “Hu Sir” in private WhatsApp chats and WhatsApp groups to provide investment advice. Please do not engage with these individuals, as they are not authorized to provide such advice on behalf of Income Partners.
  • Social media groups: There are several social media groups claiming to be associated with Income Partners and its traders. Please be wary of joining these groups, as this may expose you to false or misleading information.
  • Daily live audio session: These impersonators may share link to group users for live sessions with the investment advice. However, only audio is available, making it difficult for group members to verify the trader's identity.

To protect yourself from scams and unauthorized investment advice, please follow these guidelines:

  • Never provide personal or financial information to individuals or entities claiming to be affiliated with Income Partners unless you are certain of their legitimacy. We do not make unsolicited requests through email or on the telephone unless you have initiated the contact.
  • Be wary of unsolicited investment advice, especially if it promises high returns or guarantees.
  • If you have any concerns about the authenticity of an individual or entity claiming to be affiliated with Income Partners or its traders, please contact our customer service team immediately by sending email to

Thank you for your vigilance. We are committed to protecting our customers from scams and unauthorized investment advice.

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