• Managed Volatility High Yield Bond Strategy

    Income Partners Managed Volatility High Yield Bond Fund seeks to maximise investment returns and income by investing primarily in high yield debt instruments (below investment grade or unrated) that are denominated in Renminbi (“RMB”) or other currencies. It aims to deliver high yield returns with a reduced level of volatility compared against the broader high yield market through an actively managed volatility strategy by using both quantitative and qualitative measures. The Fund has a geographical focus on Greater China and Asia (non-Greater China credits that derive substantial revenue from operations in Greater China).
  • Onshore Renminbi Bond Strategy

    Income Partners onshore RMB strategy seeks long-term interest income and capital appreciation through investing all, or substantially all, of its assets in Renminbi (“RMB”)-denominated fixed income securities issued within mainland China directly through the Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (“RQFII”) quota of Income Partners Asset Management (HK) Limited. This strategy aims to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns through credit selection and active management in China’s onshore bond market.
  • Offshore Renminbi Investment Grade Bond Strategy

    The Income Partners Renminbi Investment Grade Strategy aims to provide long-term returns comprised of capital growth and income streams from offshore Renminbi or RMB equivalent securities.
  • Renminbi Money Market Strategy

    The Income Partners Renminbi Money Market Strategy seeks to achieve consistent return with daily liquidity, by primarily investing (not less than 70% of its net asset value) in RMB-denominated and settled certificate of deposits, short-term bank deposits, notes and debt securities issued outside the PRC.
  • High Grade Credit Strategy

    The Income Partners High Grade strategy focuses on Asian investment grade opportunities. The strategy targets to generate consistent returns of Libor + 500 bps p.a. across market environments. The portfolio is well-diversified and focuses on liquid debt securities.
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  • Asian High Income Bond Strategy

    The Income Partners Asian High Income Bond Strategy aims to outperform the JACI Non-Investment Grade Index by investing in Asian credit with a primary investment focus on the high yield, USD corporate bond market.

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